How to Build Your Brand on Truth and not Trends

Hey, Boss Babe!

Are you ready for this amazing module?

Because we’ve teamed up with psychologist Kaye Putnam to help you upgrade and uplevel your brand’s heart and soul.

Yes, there’s more to your brand than the fonts and pretty colours that meet the eye…

…we mean, who would wanna buy from a brand that was all style and no substance?!

Having worked in branding since she was 16, Kaye has helped HUNDREDS – from solopreneur startups to Fortune 500s – connect to their core message and call in clients who it speaks to.

Everyone she’s worked with is now alike in that their branding’s more about their TRUTH than trends…

…as much about the insides than it is about the outsides.

Ready to work with Kaye and call in clients that are 100% aligned with you and your offer?

Then buckle up, because we’re about to get going!


Natalie & Danielle

You’ll learn:

  • How to gain clarity on your brand vision and voice
  • How to curate a brand moodboard
  • How to give effective feedback on creative work
  • How to scale your success


  • Creative Brief Template
  • Moodboard Templates