How to Maximize Results With a Long-Term SEO Strategy Through Content Marketing and Digital PR

Hey, Boss Babe!

We have an important question for you…

…have you heard all about SEO and why it’s important, but have had no idea where to start or how to implement this aspect of marketing into your business?

Well listen up, babe! As we have collaborated with multi award-winning digital and search marketing agency, Click Consult, to bring you an actionable step-by-step process as to how you can build out your long-term and impactful SEO strategy.

Click Consult is a part of global consumer brand Ceuta Group and specialise in digital and search marketing with a focus on organic (SEO) and paid search (PPC). They have a team of 70-plus specialists and a portfolio of more than 60 clients worldwide.

In this incredible Success Kit, you will learn all about the basics of SEO, the 5 steps to search marketing success, how to make your content PR friendly and how to maximize your results through content marketing and digital PR.

SEO is a crucial element of your Marketing and Content Strategy, and we cannot wait to see the results that you achieve from implementing this training!


Natalie & Danielle

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 Steps to Search Marketing Success
  • How to Make Your Content PR Friendly
  • How to Leverage The Basics of SEO to Achieve Maximum Results


  • Your Long-Term SEO Strategy Course Workbook
  • SEO Optimisation Health Check
  • Bonus: Technical On-Page Optimisation Cheat Sheet