How To Upgrade Your Brain To Match Your Vision

Hey Boss Babe!

So you’ve got yourself a vision board, are law of attraction-ing like crazy and yet… nothing’s happening.


Well your eyes are useless if your mind is blind, or so they say…

…so for this Success Kit, we’ve teamed up with the cognitive coach that is Jennifer Evans to train your brain and make sure it’s performing powerfully enough to take inspired action.

Apologies for the pun – but Jen neuros her s***. Scientist to superstars she specialises in the neurochemistry of conversations… and is here to help you ‘speak it into existence’ in a way that’s been scientifically proven to work.

Wanna up your brain game? She’s gotchu, babe. By the end of this module you’ll know exactly where your neurological strengths and weaknesses lie, and how you can condition them to actually realize the bad-ass biz you’ve visualized.

Ready to get started?


Natalie & Danielle

You’ll learn:

  • How to empower your conscious and subconscious mind.
  • How to align your highest values with your business.
  • How to gain insight into your thought diversity to unlock your higher self.
  • How to set performance outcomes to create the highest return on intelligence.


  • How To Upgrade Your Brain To Match Your Vision Workbook