How To Smash Sales and Make More Money!

Hey Boss Babe!

Let’s have some real talk around money. Not just some money but YOUR MONEY.

The first lesson you learn as an entrepreneur is boiled down into three words: CASH IS OXYGEN. Most start-up entrepreneurs [anyone under $3M in revenue is still in startup] don’t have funding for their businesses and haven’t been given a small $1 million dollar loan from family (let’s see who catches that fun gem), and so their first year is a wild emotional and financial rollercoaster.

Can you relate?

It takes time to get out of the euphoric high and excitement that you’re actually on your own now but necessities like rent, supplies, inventory, staffing and personal expenses drop you into reality hard.

So, once you land in the land of Code Mutha *** Red Zone, freaked out and contemplating becoming a stealth Uber driver (we’ve all been there) … you realize the things no one is talking about on lavish Instagram threads like: 1) Predictable Profits, 2) Maximized Cash Flow, 3) Consistent Revenue and 4) Less Work But Greater Pay — are the exact things that you crave to see your purpose come to full manifestation.

Well, these are all the byproduct of what I call: BOLD MONEY

Ready to get started?


Natalie, Danielle, And Allyson

You’ll learn:

  • How To Take Bigger, Bolder and Badass Action
  • How To Discover Revenue Blind Spots
  • How To Understand WHY Versus WHO Versus HOW…
  • Why You Should Expand Your Belief Channels