How to Raise Investment For Your Business and Understanding VC

Are you ready to start raising investment for your business but you have no idea where to start?

If so, then this Success Kit is just for you. In this incredible Success Kit delivered by Guest Expert, Pocket Sun, you will learn exactly what VC is and how your company will be evaluated, how to create a pitch deck, and how to fundraise for your business. In this exclusive training, you will get the best advice on all the exact steps to take when it comes to raising investment or becoming an investor.

Pocket is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at SoGal Ventures, the world’s first female-led next-generation venture capital firm investing in women and diverse entrepreneurs. She led fundraising for SoGal’s first fund which has $15M under management and 35 investments to date.

We are so excited for you to dive into this powerful Success Kit and to get all of the amazing insights into financing activities, how VCs think, and all the practical steps to fundraising for your business.


Natalie & Danielle

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a pitch deck and raise investment for your business
  • What VC is and what alternative funding options are for entrepreneurs
  • How VCs evaluate your company
  • How to become a VC
  • Practical steps to take to fundraise and/or start investing


  • Bonus video training: Apply for the SoGal grant
  • Bonus: The Realest Fundraising Advice You’ll Ever Get Worksheet