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How to LIVE, LEAD and SELL with Authenticity and Confidence!

Jamie Kern Lima

Valued at $997

We are thrilled to share Jamie Kern Lima’s exclusive Masterclass with you on how to live, lead and even sell with confidence!

What most people don’t know is that Jamie was told NO after NO, and for the first several years couldn’t even afford to pay herself.

Her journey was truly one of figuring out how to turn rejection and self-doubt into self-belief. Jamie’s passion for elevating women, and helping you overcome self-doubt and all of the things holding you back, is the driving force behind this exclusive content she’s put together EXCLUSIVELY for you in The Société.

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When, Who & How to Hire To Grow Your Business

With Dr. Danielle Canty

Valued at $497

You don’t build a million-dollar business by tackling everything yourself. And it’s not about being too good for anything. It’s about knowing what’s worth YOUR time, what deserves your energy…and delegating or ditching everything else. But to do that you need clarity AND support.

That’s exactly what you’re going to get in this month’s Success Kit. Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your 25th, the method you’ll learn in this Success Kit is going to help you not just in the pursuit of your business goals, but towards any goal in life; because everything becomes easier when you know how to find yourself the right support.

Let us take the confusion and overwhelm out of hiring for good so you can spend more time in your zone of genius and less time doing tasks that drain your soul!

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How to Clarify Your Niche & Find Your Profitable Purpose

With Angie Lee

Valued at $1,297

Angie Lee is an entrepreneur, podcaster, affiliate marketer, and a seven-figure course creator. She created this training for you because she realized that so many coaches online, especially mindset coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, course creators, business coaches, were really struggling to find their niche. Whether you are in the physical product space or the digital core space, this is going to rock your world and really help you to identify whom you are speaking to and what it is you really do because if you don’t know your niche, then it’s going to be really hard for you to put out content and create really irresistible offers.

You are going to leave this training with massive clarity around your story, your messaging, your solution, and really what problem you solve, because that’s the number one question you should be asking yourself as an entrepreneur.

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

With Des & Aisha: Co-Founders of Creative Label

Valued at $997

In this training, you will learn all about what shareable content really is, where to start when it comes to creating shareable content that will resonate with your audience, drive engagement on your social, and how to leverage shareable content to reach new audiences of your ideal client.

You will also be diving into how you can expand your reach with strategic partnerships, the essentials of pitching yourself, exactly what a lookbook and press kit is, and audience acquisition.


How to Build Highly Converting Sales Pages

With Anna Nassery

Valued at $2,241

We are delighted to introduce you to an absolutely incredible Société Guest Expert (and branding ninja!), Anna Nassery. Anna is the Founder & CEO of BrandUp – a creative agency that specializes in building sales pages for online entrepreneurs.

Anna is here to give you all the tools you need to build a highly converting sales page.


How to Become a Powerful Transformational Leader

With Alyssa Nobriga

Valued at $997

All the work that we do in leadership is really starting with ourselves and as we do that we can lead our teams and serve our clients more deeply as a result. It’s for this reason that Alyssa is going to be experientially walking you through a process to feel an embodied sense of confidence that you can share with the world that will positively impact your income, the partnerships that you attract, and your way of life so get ready, we are going to do a deep dive transformational experience!

You will be guided through this phenomenal coaching methodology so that you can step into ultimate excellence and create lasting change for your life and for your client’s lives.


Your Annual Executive Review

How to Get Clarity on Your Goals & Create a Strategic Plan to Fulfill Your 5-Year Vision with BossBabe Co-Founders, Natalie Ellis & Danielle Canty

Valued at $1,997

In the spirit of reflection, planning, and goal setting, we want to help set you up for success in 2021 and that starts right now! In this incredible Success Kit, we are going to guide you through what we do each year here at BossBabe because we have seen such powerful results from investing in the time to reflect, vision, and plan for the months ahead.

We are going to share our BossBabe toolkit for analyzing and optimizing your business performance with you so that you can really get a full picture of how to continue growing your business. You’re also going to finish this training with total clarity and confidence around your 5-year vision and strategic plan for 2021.

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How to Create Consistent Income by Sharing Your Story & Mastering Your Sales

With Tiffany Largie

Valued at $1,997

Everything changes when you make a decision to stop thinking small – specifically when it comes to your story. Own your story and leverage the power of authenticity to create the life of your dreams. Your story is the greatest asset that you have today.

In this incredible training, you will learn how to become the highest version of you, how to master your life and your business, how to take your marketing and sales to a whole other level. You will learn how to tell your (authentic) story in a powerful way and how to be unapologetically yourself to attract your dream clients.

Société Image ThumbnailSANDRA

How to Achieve Your Goals Without Overwhelm

With Sandra Chuma

Valued at $999

In this training, you’ll learn about how YOU can move from being part of the 92% who have great intentions but are not intentional. 

You have worthy goals, and so we want to help you move from OVERWHELMED to ACHIEVING! WORTHY is our anchor word as we go through this Success Kit.  It’s also your reminder.  You are WORTHY.


How to Raise Investment For Your Business and Understanding VC

With Pocket Sun

Valued at $399

Are you ready to start raising investment for your business but you have no idea where to start?

If so, then you need to be diving into this training. In this incredible Success Kit delivered by Guest Expert, Pocket Sun, you will learn exactly what VC is and how your company will be evaluated, how to create a pitch deck, and how to fundraise for your business. In this exclusive training, you will get the best advice on all the exact steps to take when it comes to raising investment or becoming an investor.


How to Grow Your Income, Impact, and Authority Using YouTube

With Amy Sangster

Valued at $797

Are you ready to live a life of freedom and purpose? A life that is in alignment with your big vision and your main passion? Are you ready to take the risk and pursue a life that makes you feel fulfilled and happy?

If the above is resonating with you, then this Success Kit is just for you. In this absolutely value-packed Success Kit delivered by incredible YouTube Strategist, Amy Sangster, you will learn how to grow your income, impact, and influence online. She shares exactly how you can work smarter, not harder, and grow a wildly successful, and profitable YouTube channel and online business.

We are holding you accountable and we can’t wait to see the transformation that you experience leveraging the incredible power of YouTube!


How to Generate Profitable Leads Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Dorothy Illson

Valued at $499

Our incredible Guest Expert, Dorothy Illson, dives into how you can get started with paid traffic quickly (and easily!) and she shares the foundational framework from which you can build off to generate profitable leads for your business.

You will learn how to take your prospect/potential client down the road of understanding your offers and ensuring that they feel compelled to purchase. You will get confident in your ability to create and write your own ads which will yield massive results and drive revenue for your business.

This is the perfect introduction to Facebook and Instagram ads and by the end of this course, you will know how to get your ads in front of the right people too! This is a place where you’ll start to gather data, test, and iterate, and ultimately generate profitable leads with advertising.

Image - Ellen and Chelsea

How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers and Convert Them Into Sales

With Ellen Coule and Chelsea Markel

Valued at – priceless 😉

Building your email list is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience, gain visibility for your offerings, and sell your ideal clients or customers into the best products for them.

This is the place to provide value, gain insights and key data, track your growth, and build your brand. Regardless of if you’re starting with zero subscribers or you have a list of a few thousand, this Success Kit will help you understand how to build your list with ideal clients, warm them up, and convert them into raving fans and hot buyers.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, your email list is something you actually own and have control over… so having a highly effective strategy for this area of your business is essential to your growth and success!


How to Create Wealth the Feminine Way

With Gina DeVee

Valued at $497

Do you desire to be successful ​and​ feminine? Spiritual ​and wealthy? To share your highest gifts, make a difference in people’s lives, and​ enjoy your own life to the fullest? If this resonates, then this Success Kit is for you!

There’s a reason you crave more.​ You didn’t start your business just for it to become another job you have to work really, ​really​ hard in just to keep your head above water. You started it to fulfill your purpose in a BIG way.

You’ve come so far despite listening to everything the world tells you about how difficult it is. How many businesses fail, how stressful it is keeping up with life’s responsibilities on your own, and how impossible it is to “have it all” as a woman!

Your Inner Queen knows better. ​You were put here on this planet to do so much more than scrape by. You have a grand, glorious life to live. Your business is meant to SUPPORT YOU as a feminine woman in doing your best work, making a difference in the world, and answering your calling.


How to Sell Your Products to Major Chain Store Retailers

With Karen Waksman

Valued at $497

Do you have a product-based business or are you aspiring to have an e-commerce business that you would like to scale?

Do you want your products to be featured in major retail chain stores? Then this amazing Success Kit is for you! 🎉

This super insightful training is delivered by Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, Karen Waksman. Karen has taught tens of thousands of product entrepreneurs and companies across the globe on the subject of selling to retailers.

In this training, you’ll learn all about the back-to-basics and fundamentals of selling your products to major retailers, how to launch your products and differentiate yourself from your competitors, how to contact chain store Category Managers (buyers) and how to ace the buyer meeting as well as how to prepare for your products to be featured. 🔥


How to Increase Your Productivity by Cultivating Habits for Success

With Tobi Fairley

Valued at $997

Are you ready to master your time-management, organizational skills and cultivate habits for success and a thriving business?

Well you’re in luck, Boss Babe! We are SO excited to be collaborating with the incredible Tobi Fairley for this amazing Success Kit training. Tobi is an award-winning Interior Designer and Business Consultant with over a decade of experience helping high-achieving, creative professionals take their companies and lives to the next level.

The key to changing your habits through your thoughts lies in your beliefs.

We know that you may look at shifting habits and time-management as hard work, but it will create a foundation for your success in all areas of your life, from your career to your health, to your relationships, and more.

Are you ready to create better habits and experience time freedom too?


How to Grow a Profitable Audience on Instagram

With Natalie Ellis

Valued at $497

Are you ready to grow your audience, turn followers into paying customers and become known as an expert in your space?

The Société would not be what it is today without YOU, and for this reason we are giving you access to EXCLUSIVE content from the Insta Growth Accelerator course, so that you can learn exactly how to gain clarity on your unique brilliance and the niche that you’re going to stand in to grow and monetize your audience. You’ll also find out how to attract those specific, ideal clients of yours – even if you don’t know who they are yet. It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion.

We are so excited to share this content with you, where we will be teaching you exactly how to dial in on your ideal client attraction and get clarity on your niche. This will serve as the perfect gateway to learning exactly how you can grow and monetize a profitable audience on Instagram with your ideal client.


How to Cultivate a Sales Mindset and Sell with Soul

With Niyc Pidgeon

Valued at $497

Now is the perfect opportunity to cultivate an incredible sales mindset, so that you can sell with soul and scale your business to 6-figures and more.

For this reason, we are so excited to share that we have collaborated with the incredible Niyc Pidgeon. As a leading motivational speaker, business coach and positive psychologist, she is obsessed with empowering women to transcend their perceived limitations and create more joy and personal power within their lives and businesses.

Niyc dives deep into literally everything you need to know to cultivate a sales mindset and sell with soul. You’ll learn:

  • The 5-steps to a successful sales mindset
  • The Trust Triangle Model
  • How to sell with soul
  • Plus: How to Cultivate a Sales Mindset and Sell with Soul workbook
  • Bonus: Sales script

How to be a Standout Speaker and Accelerate your Success

With Tricia Brouk

Valued at $1,997

We are SO excited to share that we have collaborated with the incredible Tricia Brouk, award-winning director and executive producer of Speakers Who Dare, to bring you a powerful Success Kit on How to be a Standout Speaker and Accelerate your Success.

This Success Kit training is going to change your life.

If you are looking to be fully booked with global speaking events, land yourself a TEDx talk, build credibility and position yourself as a thought leader in your space then this course is for you!

Tricia dives deep into literally everything you need to know to develop your skills as a standout speaker and land yourself a TEDx talk. You’ll learn:

  • The difference between a keynote and TEDx
  • The structure of your big talk and why context matters
  • How to write an amazing opening and closing
  • How to be captivating from stage
  • Plus: How to be a Standout Speaker and Accelerate your Success workbook
  • Bonus: The art of the big talk checklist

How to Launch and Grow a Successful Podcast

With Melissa Monte, Mind Love

Valued at $1,295

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast, however you haven’t acted on it yet? This could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have absolutely no idea where you would even start, how to go about bringing your idea to fruition or maybe you are experiencing resistance and a severe case of imposter syndrome! Sound familiar?

We are super excited to share that we have teamed up with the incredible Melissa Monte, who is a successful entrepreneur and host of the popular podcast Mind Love. In this Success Kit, Melissa dives deep into literally everything you need to know when launching a podcast. You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to go from the idea stage to launching your podcast
  • How to spark ideas for your episodes, including content and guests
  • The tech, tools and resources necessary to start and grow your podcast
  • The anatomy of a great episode
  • How to successfully pull off an epic launch
  • Your podcast growth strategy
  • Plus: epic bonus templates and a workbook to have you recording your own, and appearing on other podcasts in no time!
PR Success Kit1

How to Maximize Results With a Long-Term SEO Strategy Through Content Marketing and Digital PR

With Click Consult

Valued at $1,797

We have an important question for you, babe…

…have you heard all about SEO and why it’s important, but have had no idea where to start or how to implement this aspect of marketing into your business?

Well listen up! We have partnered with multi award-winning digital and search marketing agency, Click Consult, to bring you an actionable step-by-step process as to how you can build out your long-term and impactful SEO strategy.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The 5 Steps to Search Marketing Success
  • How to Make Your Content PR Friendly
  • How to Leverage The Basics of SEO to Achieve Maximum Results
  • Your Long-Term SEO Strategy Course Workbook
  • SEO Optimisation Health Check
  • Bonus: Technical On-page Optimisation Cheat Sheet

How to Raise the Bar in PR to Make a Bigger Impact and More Income

With Jo Swann

Valued at $439

Get ready babe, as we have teamed up with the one and only Jo Swann. Jo is an award winning PR Coach, best selling author and the Founder of an incredible creative agency, Chocolate PR.

You will learn all about the foundations of PR and why it’s important, the six steps to the press saying yes, how to create your own story and you’ll also gain access to EPIC must-have resources and templates to up-level your PR game.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • What is PR and why is it important
  • The six steps to the press saying yes
  • How to find and craft your story
  • How to land awesome media and press features
  • How to communicate your message in a powerful way
  • Workbook: What’s Your Story, PR templates and media bio example
  • Bonus: Are you PR ready checklist

How to Uncover Your Desires, Rewrite Your Money Story and Transform Your Money Mindset

With Emily Williams

Valued at $397

Guess what, babes?! We’ve teamed up with Success Coach, Author and Founder of I Heart My Life, Emily Williams, to help you to transform your money mindset and live the life of your dreams.

You will learn how to uncover your true desires and rewrite your money story to enable you to build a thriving business.

So are you ready to make some money, honey?

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How to uncover your true desires
  • How to rewrite your money story
  • How to transform your money mindset
  • How to set your goals and create the life you want
  • Bonus: Money Mindset course workbook

How to Build Your Brand on Truth & not Trends

With Kaye Putnam

Valued at $597

Yes, there’s more to your brand than the fonts and pretty colours that meet the eye…

…we mean, who would wanna buy from a brand that was all style and no substance?!

Having worked in branding since she was 16, Kaye has helped HUNDREDS – from solopreneur startups to Fortune 500s – connect to their core message and call in clients who it speaks to.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How to gain clarity on your brand vision and voice
  • How to curate a brand moodboard
  • How to give effective feedback on creative work
  • How to scale your success
  • Bonus: Moodboard templates and creative brief template

How To Boost Your Profitability & Implement Easy Financial Reporting

With Rachel Scava

Valued at $7,500

Ready to turn your financial frown upside down? Then look no further than here, Boss Babe as we’ve teamed up with none other than Rachel Scava, who’s the motherfreaking COO of Fully Accountable!

This money honey will tell you all you need to know about numbers. From putting projections in place and plans to 2 times your profit margin to tracking KPIs to make sure you get every goal you set we’ve got you covered – 100%.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • What ‘the leaky bucket’ is and how to kick it
  • The top 10 critical KPIs you need to track your money making
  • How to double, (yes, times TWO!) your profit margin
  • All about benchmarking and how it can benefit your biz
  • The numbers you need to be crunching DAILY to really move the needle

How To Create And Sell An Online Course

With Jess Catorc

Valued at $560

You asked, we answered: we’ve brought you a Success Kit on online courses! Yup. Our membership site has helped us scale to seven figures and this month we’re here to help you do the same – but get this…

…we’ve only teamed up with the one and only Jess Catorc from freaking TEACHABLE of all places (yes, really!) to show you, step-by-step, how to cash in on educational content!

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How to find YOUR most profitable course idea.
  • How to set your income goals using Teachable’s formula.
  • How to grow your course audience & email list.
  • How to price your course the right way.
  • How to create and record a course that your audience loves.
  • How to launch your course with a successful Marketing Plan.

How To Upgrade Your Brain To Match Your Vision

With Jennifer Evans

Valued at $3999

In this powerful Success Kit, we’ve teamed up with the cognitive coach that is Jennifer Evans to train your brain and make sure it’s performing powerfully enough to take inspired action.

Wanna up your brain game? She’s gotchu, babe. By the end of this module you’ll know exactly where your neurological strengths and weaknesses lie, and how you can condition them to actually realize the bad-ass biz you’ve visualized.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How to empower your conscious and subconscious mind
  • How to align your highest values with your business
  • How to gain insight into your thought diversity to unlock your higher self
  • How to set performance outcomes to create the highest return on intelligence

How To Create Viral And Profitable Live Video On Social Media

With Amber Valdez

Valued at $799

Lights, camera, ACTION – it’s time to take centre stage on social media.

In this amazing Success Kit we’ve partnered up with Amber Valdez, who’s no stranger to being in front of the camera. With over 10 years’ worth of experience under her belt as a TV host interviewing Boss Babes like Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock. Inside this Success Kit, you’ll learn all Amber’s tricks of the trade – from how to RECORD like a pro to how to PERFORM like a pro.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The Technical Dos and Don’ts Of Going Live
  • How To Create Maximum Engagement During Broadcasts
  • How To Go Live Confidently And Provide Value
  • How To Maximise Your Live Streaming Efforts
  • Bonus Go Live Blueprint

How To Attract Rockstar Affiliates For Your Launch

With Selena Soo

Valued at $699

If an affiliate scheme’s something you’ve been thinking of bringing to your business, then this Success Kit is for you, babe!

We’ve teamed up with the one and only Selena Soo (a marketing strategist for women who want to reach millions with their message!) to bring you all you need to know about attracting the affiliates that’ll skyrocket the success of your launch.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How To Know You’re Ready For Affiliates
  • What Your Affiliate Launch Plan Should Look Like
  • How To Find & Identify Your Perfect Affiliates
  • How To Get Your Affiliates To Promote You (The right way!)
  • How To Motivate Your Affiliates

How To Smash Sales and Make More Money

With Allyson Byrd

Valued at $799

Whether you want to increase your sales, become more well known in your community, or need help getting your small business off the ground, in this Success Kit, world-renowned sales expert and leadership advisor, Allyson Byrd, has you covered. Allyson teaches the best sales habits all Boss Babes should be implementing into their business.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • Taking Bigger, Bolder and Badass Action
  • Discovering Revenue Blind Spots
  • Expanding Your Belief Channels
  • How to Understand WHY vs WHO vs HOW
PB-Headshots_2018_0116-14.19 (1)

How To Start A Product-Based Business

With Alice Hall

Valued at $299

Alice is here to share her experiences with The Société and help you take the first steps in establishing your product-based business and all of the important considerations you need to make, focusing on; sourcing, pricing, budgeting and distribution.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How To Define Your USP
  • How To Gain Clarity On Brand & Content Strategy
  • How To Set Pricing
  • How To Source Product
  • Breaking Down Your Budget
  • Making Sales & Market Positioning

How To Build High Performance Habits

With Brendon Burchard

Valued at $999

Whether you want to get more done, lead others better, develop skills faster or dramatically increase your confidence, in this Success Kit, world-renowned high performance coach Brendon Burchard has got your back. He teaches the 6 high performance habits all Boss Babes should be implementing to lead their best life.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How To Seek Clarity
  • How To Generate Energy Everyday
  • Raise Necessity In the Work You Are Doing
  • Increase Productivity And Understand The Difference Between Busy Work And Productive Work
  • Develop Positive Influence And Become A Thought Leader
  • Demonstrate Courage And Honour The Struggle Of Being An Entrepreneur

How To Streamline & Automate Your Financial Accounting

With Amy Bradbury

Valued at $399

In this Success Kit, we’re going to help you smash your financial reporting. You need to know your numbers. You need to understand your financial figures and your sales figures. This training is all about nailing the business finance basics in the most stress-free way possible.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The Steps You Can Take To Structure Your Business Correctly
  • How To Ensure You Are Putting Money Aside For The Most Important Things
  • Tweaks To Make Your Financial Reports Super Easy To Read
  • Solve Any Cash Flow Issues In Your Business Forever!

How To Unleash The Power Of Pinterest

With Riley Schnepf

Valued at $399

In this Success Kit, we’re bringing you masterclasses and trainings on how to get the very most of Pinterest when it comes to boosting your business.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How to Target Your Ideal Client On Pinterest
  • Creating Your Own Pins In Canva
  • How To Set Up SEO In Pinterest

How To Level Up On LinkedIn

With Ange Loughran

Valued at $499

We’re bringing you the value with masterclasses and trainings on how to get the very most of LinkedIn when it comes to boosting your business.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How To Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Produce Content That Extends Your Network
  • How To Penetrate Businesses You Desire To Be Associated With
How To Build Brand And Influencer Partnerships

How To Build Brand & Influencer Partnerships

With Heidi Nazarudin

Valued at $599

This Success Kit is all about leveraging the power of the partnerships between brands and influencers; how to collaborate together and create long lasting relationships.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • How To Create Your Brand’s Guidelines
  • How To Create A Stand-Out Pitch Deck Or Media Kit
  • The Types Of Collaborations Between Brand And Influencer That Will Skyrocket You Both To Success
  • How To Create Long-Lasting Relationships With Brands And Your Audience

How To Launch Your Business With Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Kerry Swetmon

Valued at $799

This Success Kit is all about leveraging ads to accelerate your business.

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The Pre-Launch Success Secrets
  • Writing The Ultimate ‘Hook’ And Awesome Ad Copy
  • How To Create Images That ‘Stop the Scroll’
  • Data Analysis And Easy Backend Setup

How To Organise Your Life & Business

With Dr. Danielle Canty

Valued at $499

Are you ready to build strong foundations in your business to help you grow and scale?

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The Importance Of Decluttering
  • Learn The Power Of Systems
  • How To Map Your Business
  • Create Systems To Scale

How To Grow Your Mailing List By 1,000 This Month

With Daniella Pierson

Valued at $599

Are you ready to start attracting your ideal clients to your mailing list?

Inside This Success Kit:
  • The Absolute Importance Of Your Email List
  • How To Write The Perfect Email Copy
  • Hookin Up The Techy Stuff
  • Your 5 Actionable Email List Growth Steps