Systems Pillar Core Learning Outcomes:

1My business utilizes automated processes wherever possible.
2No one in my business is indispensable. Procedures and systems are all written down.
3Automations and systems are implemented to ensure scalability.
4I have completed the core system content and am ready to move on to the growth pillar.

“A Good System Shortens The Road To The Goal”.


Who wouldn’t want to work less hours to earn more money? Well, good news – you can, if you slay the systems game.

In this pillar, we’ll show you how to make sure that your business works for you, rather than you work for it.

You know those processes that are a drain on your time and energy but don’t make you any money? Why not see if there’s any software out there to automate them?

The more fat you cut off your business model, the leaner and meaner your machine’ll be.

Blowouts > burnout, right? So why not come behind the scenes and take a look at the systems we have in place here at BossBabe HQ?

Core Content


The most important part of any machine is the person operating it – YOU! So first things first, get yourself organized. Follow the link to our ‘Planners & Routines’ section where you can either download extracts from our planner, or order you own. And…don’t forget to use ‘Societe10’ at the check out to get 10% off.


How To Organize Your Life & Business

Created by our super streamlined BossBabe team, dive into this Success Kit to uncover the secret to simple systems that work.


How To Create More Action & Results

Masterclass Expert: Dr. Danielle Canty

Learn how to get more done in less time through delegation, delegation, delegation.


How To Know When You Need a VA

Starting and scaling a business can be super stressful. Use this guide to find out if you’re finally ready to hire a VA.

Advanced Content

We recommend you dive into the Advanced Content for each pillar only after you have completed the Learning Objectives for each pillar. This way you focus first on the foundations of your business and then build from there.


Protecting You and Your Business

We know that the ‘L’ word to many can be intimidating, confusing and expensive!

That’s why we’ve made sure we bring you the smartest and friendliest Boss Babe attorney’s to deliver training on all the things your need to get your business protected.