Revenue Pillar Core Learning Outcomes:

1I love selling & I love making money
2I know and understand my sales figures including how many leads are needed to generate and sell one product.
3My finances are in order and I am aware of the operating costs.
4I have financial budgets and forecasts in place.
5I have completed the core revenue content and am ready for the advanced content.

“Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash is reality”.


You could be turning over six and seven figures but if it’s costing you the same amount of money to make that, then you’re not profitable, are you?

In order to stay sane and ensure that you’re making a profit, then you need to know you numbers. You need to know what’s coming in and what’s going out, and learn how to budget accordingly.

Lots of people freak out about books but don’t worry, we’ve made sure to break it all down for you!

Core Content

How to Build Highly Converting Sales Pages

With Anna Nassery

We are delighted to introduce you to an absolutely incredible Société Guest Expert (and branding ninja!), Anna Nassery. Anna is the Founder & CEO of BrandUp – a creative agency that specializes in building sales pages for online entrepreneurs.

Anna is here to give you all the tools you need to build a highly converting sales page and yield the highest results (and revenue!) possible.

You’ll learn:

  • The structure & basics of a sales page
  • The strategy & flow of sections for a highly converting sales page
  • Branding, visuals & UX conversion hacks
  • Copywriting & tone of voice
  • Brand adjectives & how to find yours
Société Image ThumbnailPOCKET

How to Raise Investment For Your Business and Understanding VC

With Pocket Sun

In this incredible Success Kit delivered by Guest Expert, Pocket Sun, you will learn exactly what VC is and how your company will be evaluated, how to create a pitch deck, and how to fundraise for your business. In this exclusive training, you will get the best advice on all the exact steps to take when it comes to raising investment or becoming an investor.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a pitch deck and raise investment for your business
  • What VC is and what alternative funding options are for entrepreneurs
  • How VCs evaluate your company
  • How to become a VC
  • Practical steps to take to fundraise and/or start investing

How to Uncover Your Desires, Rewrite Your Money Story and Transform Your Money Mindset

With Emily Williams

In this Success Kit, author and founder of I Heart My Life, Emily Williams, is here to help you transform your money mindset and live the life of your dreams.

You will learn how to uncover your true desires and rewrite your money story to enable you to build a thriving business.

You’ll learn:

  • How to uncover your true desires
  • How to rewrite your money story
  • How to transform your money mindset
  • How to set your goals and create the life you want

Products & Pricing

In this section you’ll learn how many products to sell and at what price, so that you smash your sales targets.

Société Image ThumbnailNIYC

How to Cultivate a Sales Mindset and Sell with Soul

With Niyc Pidgeon

In this Success Kit, you’ll learn how to cultivate an incredible sales mindset, so that you can sell with soul and scale your business to 6-figures and more.

In this success kit you’ll learn:

  • The 5-steps to a successful sales mindset
  • The Trust Triangle Model
  • How to sell with soul
  • Plus: How to Cultivate a Sales Mindset and Sell with Soul workbook
  • Bonus: Sales script

How to Create Wealth the Feminine Way

With Gina DeVee

Do you desire to be successful ​and​ feminine? Spiritual ​and wealthy? To share your highest gifts, make a difference in people’s lives, and​ enjoy your own life to the fullest? If this resonates, then this Success Kit is for you!

In this success kit you’ll learn:

  • Create Your Epic Life Vision
  • Make Spirituality Your Superpower
  • Cultivate the Wealth Consciousness of a Queen
  • Step Into Feminine Leadership
  • Give Yourself Permission to be Famous
  • How to Create Wealth the Feminine Way in 10 Steps workbook
  • BONUS: 20 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires
Société Image Thumbnailtiffany

How to Create Consistent Income by Sharing Your Story & Mastering Your Sales

With Tiffany Largie

Everything changes when you make a decision to stop thinking small – specifically when it comes to your story. Own your story and leverage the power of authenticity to create the life of your dreams. Your story is the greatest asset that you have today.

In this incredible training, you will learn how to become the highest version of you, how to master your life and your business, how to take your marketing and sales to a whole other level. You will learn how to tell your (authentic) story in a powerful way and how to be unapologetically yourself to attract your dream clients.

In this success kit you’ll learn:

  • How to build influence & share your story
  • How to refine your offer & master your sales
  • How to be unapologetic about who you are & where you are in your journey
  • The basic fundamentals of telling your story and how important it is
  • How to curate your offers to sell
  • How to master the sales conversation
  • Your squad & systems: what to hire & how to hire
Amy Bradbury

How to Automate & Streamline Your Financial Accounting

With Amy Bradbury

In this Success Kit, you’ll learn how to keep your books, so you can keep track of your income, expenditure and any profits/losses left over.

You’ll Learn:

  • The Steps You Can Take To Structure Your Business Correctly
  • How To Ensure That You Are Putting Money Aside For The Most Important Things In Your Business
  • Tweaks To Make Your Financial Reports Super Easy To Read
  • Solve Any Cash Flow Issues In Your Business Forever!

How to Smash Sales and Make More Money

With Allyson Byrd

Whether you want to increase your sales, become more well known in your community, or need help getting your small business off the ground, in this Success Kit, world-renowned sales expert and leadership advisor, Allyson Byrd, has you covered. Allyson teaches the best sales habits all Boss Babes should be implementing into their business.

You’ll learn:

  • How To Take Bigger, Bolder and Badass Action
  • How To Discover Revenue Blind Spots
  • How To Understand WHY Versus WHO Versus HOW…
  • Why You Should Expand Your Belief Channels

How to Boost Your Profitability & Implement Easy Financial Reporting

With Rachel Scava

Ready to turn your financial frown upside down? This Success Kit will tell you all you need to know about numbers. From putting projections in place and plans to 2 times your profit margin to tracking KPIs to make sure you get every goal you set we’ve got you covered – 100%.

You’ll learn:

  • What ‘the leaky bucket’ is and how to kick it
  • The top 10 critical KPIs you need to track your money making
  • How to double, (yes, times TWO!) your profit margin
  • All about benchmarking and how it can benefit your biz
  • The numbers you need to be crunching DAILY to really move the needle
Advanced Content

We recommend you dive into the Advanced Content for each pillar only after you have completed the Learning Objectives for each pillar. This way you focus first on the foundations of your business and then build from there!


How to Create And Sell an Online Course

With Jess Catorc

You asked, we answered: we’ve brought you a Success Kit on online courses! Yup. Our membership site has helped us scale to seven figures and in this Success Kit you’ll learn to do the same.

You’ll learn:

  • How to find YOUR most profitable course idea.
  • How to set your income goals using Teachable’s formula.
  • How to grow your course audience & email list.
  • How to price your course the right way.
  • How to create and record a course that your audience loves.
  • How to launch your course with a successful Marketing Plan.
  • Bonus – Teachable Email Scripts
  • Bonus – Recording Video For Your Course Studio Resource
Kerry Swetmon

How to Launch Your Business with Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Kerry Swetmon

If you’re not making the most of Facebook and Instagram ads yet, then it’s time to up your game. This kit shows you how, thanks to THE Facebook expert, Kerry Swetmon.

You’ll learn:

  • The Pre-Launch Success Secrets
  • How to Reach your Ideal Audience
  • Writing the Ultimate ‘Hook’
  • The Steps to Writing Awesome Ad Copy
  • How to Create Images that ‘Stop the Scroll’
  • Data Analysis and Easy Backend Setup
Success Kit Cover Photo

How to Attract Rockstar Affiliates for Your Launch!

With Selena Soo

If an affiliate scheme’s something you’ve been thinking of bringing to your business, then this Success Kit is for you, babe!

Selena brings you all you need to know about attracting the affiliates that’ll skyrocket the success of your launch.

You’ll learn:

  • How To Know When You’re Ready For Affiliates
  • What Your Affiliate Launch Plan Should Look Like
  • How To Identify and Find Your Perfect Affiliates
  • How To Ask Affiliates to Promote You (The Right Way!)
  • How To Motivate Your Affiliates
  • Bonus – Reach out email template