Growth Pillar Core Learning Outcomes:

1I have a strategy in place to deliver an outstanding customer experience.
2I am adding new products to my business and using the advanced content to increase connection with my audience, streamline systems and grow revenue.
3I have mentors that has been there and done it, and are able to guide me through the process.
4I recognize this module will never be complete and I am excited about my personal and business growth.

“Growth Is Never By Mere Chance; It’s The Result Of Forces Working Together”.


Congratulations on reaching this pillar! Your being here means that you’ve put firm foundations in place in your business and are ready to build upon them…

…which is something to be celebrated for sure!

The fun doesn’t stop there though, babe. There’s always room for improvement, right? So we’ll be continually creating content for each of the pillars so that, when you come back to them, there’s always something new to see.

Likewise, month-on-month, we’ll be bringing in the best in the business to teach you their zones of genius so that you can grow not just personally, but professionally too…

…because to up-level you business YOU have to level up too.

Businesses don’t run themselves, do they? That’s your job.

When, Who & How to Hire For Your Business

By: Dr. Danielle Canty

You don’t build a million-dollar business by tackling everything yourself. And it’s not about being too good for anything. It’s about knowing what’s worth YOUR time, what deserves your energy…and delegating or ditching everything else. But to do that you need clarity AND support.

That’s exactly what you’re going to get in this month’s Success Kit. Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your 25th, the method you’ll learn in this Success Kit is going to help you not just in the pursuit of your business goals, but towards any goal in life; because everything becomes easier when you know how to find yourself the right support.

Customer Journey Audit

By: Dr. Danielle Canty

In this EXCLUSIVE, training, Danielle shares with you the inside scoop on how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and make their experience an awesome one.

Normally reserved for our high ticket clients, this training will help you fast track your way to the top, by increasing customer acquisition and retention too.

Don’t underestimate the power of this training and accompanying audit spreadsheet! There’s a reason it has a high price tag!

Hiring Best Practices

Click below to access your exclusive pieces of training on hiring best practices and how to create a job description.

PR Success Kit

How to Raise the Bar in PR to Make a Bigger Impact and More Income

With Jo Swann

In this Success Kit you will learn all about the foundations of PR and why it’s important, the six steps to the press saying yes, how to create your own story and you’ll also gain access to EPIC must-have resources and templates to up-level your PR game.

  • What is PR and why is it important
  • The six steps to the press saying yes
  • How to find and craft your story
  • How to land awesome media and press features
  • How to communicate your message in a powerful way
  • Bonus – PR templates and media bio example
  • Bonus – Are you PR ready checklist
Société Image Thumbnail-Tricia

How to be a Standout Speaker and Accelerate your Success

With Tricia Brouk

If you are looking to be fully booked with global speaking events, land yourself a TEDx talk, build credibility and position yourself as a thought leader in your space then this course is for you!

Tricia dives deep into literally everything you need to know to develop your skills as a standout speaker and land yourself a TEDx talk.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between a keynote and TEDx
  • The structure of your big talk and why context matters
  • How to write an amazing opening and closing
  • How to be captivating from stage
  • Bonus – The art of the big talk checklist

How To Build Brand & Influencer Partnerships

With Heidi Nazarudin

This Success Kit is all about leveraging the power of the partnerships between brands and influencers; how to collaborate together and create long lasting relationships.

  • How To Create Your Brand’s Guidelines
  • How To Create A Stand-Out Pitch Deck Or Media Kit
  • The Types Of Collaborations Between Brand And Influencer That Will Skyrocket You Both To Success
  • How To Create Long-Lasting Relationships With Brands And Your Audience
  • Bonus – Influencer <> Brand Reach Out Templates