Audience Pillar Core Learning Outcomes:

1I know exactly which market I serve and could describe my target audience’s external and internal problems.
2I know what solutions my business provides and how they solve the problems the market faces.
3I create content for a platform (blog, social media, YouTube etc) and I am communicating with my audience (emails, FB groups) consistently.
4I have completed the core audience content and am ready for the advanced content.

“If Your Target Audience Aren’t Listening, Change What You Are Saying”.


This pillar is all about nurturing a network and connecting with that community.

Before we begin we’d like to point out that building a business’s audience isn’t necessarily a numbers game but one of targeting… just like darts. A targeted audience of 10,000 will generate more revenue for you than a non-targeted audience of 100,000, so don’t get too hung up about how many followers you have. Quality, not quantity, is the secret to success.

First things first, you should get clear on your ideal client. Then, after that, you can get to work at becoming as influential as you can be within your niche. To do this, it’s important you position yourself as a thought leader. If you want to be influential, then you need to prove to people that you know your shit, right?

Core Content

How to Grow Your Income, Impact & Authority Using YouTube

Amy Sangster

Are you ready to live a life of freedom and purpose? A life that is in alignment with your big vision and your main passion? Are you ready to take the risk and pursue a life that makes you feel fulfilled and happy?

If the above is resonating with you, then this Success Kit is just for you. In this absolutely value-packed Success Kit delivered by incredible YouTube Strategist, Amy Sangster, you will learn how to grow your income, impact, and influence online. She shares exactly how you can work smarter, not harder, and grow a wildly successful, and profitable YouTube channel and online business.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Grow Your Income, Impact and Influence Online
  • The Essential Elements of Growing a Successful Online Business
  • How to Leverage the Power of YouTube
  • Coming up With Your Channel Idea and Positioning
  • How to Grow on YouTube and Generate Automated Traffic
  • Pro-Level Production (even if you only have an iPhone)
  • How to Integrate YouTube Into Your Business

How to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers + Convert Them Into Sales

With Ellen Coule & Chelsea Markel

Building your email list is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience, gain visibility for your offerings, and sell your ideal clients or customers into the best products for them. This is the place to provide value, gain insights and key data, track your growth, and build your brand. This Success Kit will help you understand how to build your list with ideal clients, warm them up, and convert them into raving fans and hot buyers.

You’ll learn:

  • The foundational systems and tech you need to get started
  • How to structure your opt-in pages and thank you pages for your lead magnets
  • How to create high converting lead magnets
  • How and where to promote your lead magnets to bring ideal clients to your email list
  • How to nurture your new subscribers and build your weekly newsletter
  • How to build your email sales funnel and prime your audience to purchase your products or services
  • How to create urgency and scarcity in your email funnels to drive conversion
Société Image ThumbnailIGA

How to Grow a Profitable Audience on Instagram

With Natalie Ellis

We are so excited to share this content with you, where we will be teaching you exactly how to dial in on your ideal client attraction and get clarity on your niche. This will serve as the perfect gateway to learning exactly how you can grow and monetize a profitable audience on Instagram with your ideal client.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify exactly who you are speaking to and which niche you are serving.
  • How to cultivate an audience of warm leads and excited clients – who are your ideal clients too!
  • Your ideal client avatar and transformation.
  • How to create content that resonates with your ideal client.


  • How to Grow a Profitable Audience on Instagram workbook.

How to Clarify Your Niche & Find Your Profitable Purpose

With Angie Lee

Angie Lee is an entrepreneur, podcaster, affiliate marketer, and a seven-figure course creator. She created this training for you because she realized that so many coaches online, especially mindset coaches, life coaches, wellness coaches, course creators, business coaches, were really struggling to find their niche. Whether you are in the physical product space or the digital core space, this is going to rock your world and really help you to identify whom you are speaking to and what it is you really do because if you don’t know your niche, then it’s going to be really hard for you to put out content and create really irresistible offers.

You are going to leave this training with massive clarity around your story, your messaging, your solution, and really what problem you solve, because that’s the number one question you should be asking yourself as an entrepreneur.

You’ll learn:

  • Find your clarity score. This exercise will help you assess if your niche is actually niche enough.
  • Pass the Google test. This exercise will help you test if your niche is relevant, if it’s in demand, if it’s something that the market actually wants and needs, and is a really great way for you to do market research.
  • Three P exercise. This simple yet powerful exercise is a game-changer when it comes to fixing your Instagram bio, crafting a headline on your website, and for you to feel immense clarity around all of your messaging.


  • How to Clarify Your Niche & Find Your Profitable Purpose Workbook.

Nail Your Niche

Client Transformation

Whether you offer a product or a service, your customer should see a transformation as a result of buying it. What A to B will your clients see?

Nail Your Niche

Ideal Client Avatar

If you try to speak to everyone, then you’ll end up speaking to no one. Use this workbook to super specific about who your customer is.


How to Build Your Brand on Truth & not Trends

With Kaye Putnam

Yes, there’s more to your brand than the fonts and pretty colours that meet the eye…

…we mean, who would wanna buy from a brand that was all style and no substance?!

Having worked in branding since she was 16, Kaye has helped HUNDREDS – from solopreneur startups to Fortune 500s – connect to their core message and call in clients who it speaks to.

  • How to gain clarity on your brand vision and voice
  • How to curate a brand moodboard
  • How to give effective feedback on creative work
  • How to scale your success
  • Bonus: Moodboard templates and creative brief template

How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Industry

With Des & Aisha: Co-Founders of Creative Label

In this training, you will learn all about what shareable content really is, where to start when it comes to creating shareable content that will resonate with your audience, drive engagement on your social, and how to leverage shareable content to reach new audiences of your ideal client.

You will also be diving into how you can expand your reach with strategic partnerships, the essentials of pitching yourself, exactly what a lookbook and press kit is, and audience acquisition.

  • Exactly what shareable content is & how to create it for your brand or community
  • Expanding your reach intentionally with strategic partnerships
  • The essentials of pitching & pitching strategies
  • Exactly what a one-sheet, lookbook & press kit is
  • Audience acquisition

How to Generate Profitable Leads Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

With Dorothy Illson

In this Success Kit our incredible Guest Expert, Dorothy Illson, dives into how you can get started with paid traffic quickly (and easily!) and she shares the foundational framework from which you can build off to generate profitable leads for your business.

  • How to Choose Your Audience
  • Copywriting for Conversions (the psychological element)
  • Elements of the Perfect Ad Image
  • Elements of an Effective Video Creative
  • How to Set Up a Lead Generation Ad
  • How to Create Your First Ad

How To Grow Your Mailing List By 1000 This Month

If all the social media platforms were pulled tomorrow, you could lose everything you’ve worked for, so be sure to get as many people as possible onto your mailing list. In this Success Kit, you’ll learn from Danielle Pearson how she grew her mailing list to over 250,000 subscribers, and how you can grow yours by 1000 this month.

  • The Absolute Importance Of Your Email List
  • How To Write The Perfect Email Copy
  • Hookin Up The Techy Stuff
  • Your 5 Actionable Email List Growth Steps

Social Media Schedule

Use this timetable to help you map out your media content for the week ahead. With scheduling software out there too, there is literally no reason to fall behind.

Success Kit Cover Photo

How To Create Viral And Profitable Live Video On Social Media

With Amber Valdez

Lights, camera, ACTION – it’s time to take centre stage on social media.

Inside this Success Kit, you’ll learn all Amber’s tricks of the trade – from how to RECORD like a pro to how to PERFORM like a pro.

  • The Technical Dos and Don’ts Of Going Live
  • How To Create Maximum Engagement During Broadcasts
  • How To Go Live Confidently And Provide Value
  • How To Maximise Your Live Streaming Efforts
  • Bonus – Go Live Blueprint
Advanced Content

We recommend you dive into the Advanced Content for each pillar only after you have completed the Learning Objectives for each pillar. This way you focus first on the foundations of your business and then build from there.

Société Image Thumbnail

How to Launch and Grow a Successful Podcast

With Melissa Monte, Mind Love

In this Success Kit, Melissa dives deep into literally everything you need to know when launching a podcast. You’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to go from the idea stage to launching your podcast
  • How to spark ideas for your episodes, including content and guests
  • The tech, tools and resources necessary to start and grow your podcast
  • The anatomy of a great episode
  • How to successfully pull off an epic launch
  • Your podcast growth strategy
  • Bonus: templates and a workbook to have you recording your own, and appearing on other podcasts in no time!
PR Success Kit

How to Maximize Results With a Long-Term SEO Strategy Through Content Marketing and Digital PR

With Click Consult

We have partnered with multi award-winning digital and search marketing agency, Click Consult, to bring you an actionable step-by-step process as to how you can build out your long-term and impactful SEO strategy.

  • The 5 Steps to Search Marketing Success
  • How to Make Your Content PR Friendly
  • How to Leverage The Basics of SEO to Achieve Maximum Results
  • Your Long-Term SEO Strategy Course Workbook
  • SEO Optimization Health Check
  • Bonus – Technical On-page Optimization Cheat Sheet

How To Level Up On LinkedIn

With Ange Loughran

We’re bringing you the value with masterclasses and trainings on how to get the very most of LinkedIn when it comes to boosting your business.

  • How To Create A Professional LinkedIn Profile
  • How To Produce Content That Extends Your Network
  • How To Penetrate Businesses You Desire To Be Associated With

How To Unleash The Power Of Pinterest

With Riley Schnepf

In this Success Kit, we’re bringing you masterclasses and trainings on how to get the very most of Pinterest when it comes to boosting your business.

  • How to Target Your Ideal Client On Pinterest
  • Creating Your Own Pins In Canva
  • How To Set Up SEO In Pinterest