Legal Templates

Providing you with legal templates is renowned lawyer Emma Stirk from Legal With Ease.

Emma Stirk is a best selling author, life and business success coach, as well as your ‘go to’ legal expert here in The Société.

What this woman doesn’t know about law isn’t worth knowing.

Not only does she have over 15 years experience as a highly successful lawyer, but she has first hand experience building her own global 6 figure businesses.

Privacy Policy

For any #BossBabe with a Website.

Every website needs a privacy policy, disclaimer, terms of use and cookie policy.

Consent Waiver

For Third Party Permission.

Using third party content, images or testimonials? This document will help you get the appropriate consent.

Legal with Ease

Business Checklist

This checklist runs through everything you need to make sure your business is legally sound.

More About Legal With Ease:


Legal With Ease was born through both Emma’s own personal experiences as a lawyer and female entrepreneur. She witnessed first hand the consequences of start-ups not having the correct legal procedures and contracts in place and realized that far too many female entrepreneurs were missing out on fundamental legal protection leaving themselves, and their businesses, exposed to unnecessary potential legal risks.

As an entrepreneur herself, like you, Emma understands that starting a new business can be super demanding and putting in place the right structures and processes can feel overwhelming and scary (especially when you’re not sure what is actually needed)!

Lack of knowledge, lack of time and lack of clarity can make it easier to do nothing at all, which is totally not the way to build a secure and solid business foundation!

Emma recognised that something needed to be done and knowing she held the specialist legal knowledge, experience and skills required to support female entrepreneurs with this crucial aspect of their business, she created ‘Legal with Ease’ – your indispensable legal support offering easy to understand and effective solutions for a wide range of legal issues from the simple to the bespoke – yay!

Legal with Ease provides easy to understand and clear, cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes, allowing female entrepreneurs to ditch that fear, overwhelm and worry and get the complete peace of mind they desire and the freedom to focus on growing their business knowing they are fully protected with the right legal support in their corner!

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