Affirmation Bundles

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You’ll find a new Affirmation Bundle here every month, designed to inspire you and make you feel unstoppable as you become one step closer to your empire. Set the affirmations on your phone, laptop and print them out for your office. Living intentionally with strong belief in yourself will be key to your success.

Natalie & Danielle

May 2021

“I am unlocking my true potential.”

April 2021

“I am ready to level up; mentally, emotionally & financially.”

March 2021

“I am ambitious, and I am not going to apologize for that.”

February 2021

“I am creating my dream life & defining my own version of success.”

January 2021

“I am visualizing & embodying my highest self.”

December 2020

“I am taking aligned and inspired action towards my goals and big vision.”

November 2020

“I am radiating love & it’s multiplying back to me.”

October 2020

“I am powerful & I have confidence in my ability to achieve my goals and dreams.”

September 2020

“I am thriving & successful at everything that I set my mind to.”

August 2020

“I am wealthy, healthy, and abundant.”

July 2020

“I am living with grace, confidence and power.”

June 2020

“I am committed to creating impact and change in the world.”

May 2020

“I am open to abundance and goodness in all forms.”

April 2020

“I am claiming my power and lovingly creating my reality.”

March 2020

“I am letting go of what no longer serves me.”

February 2020

“I am fully in alignment and connected to my higher self.”

January 2020

“I am ready for success, setting my intentions & manifesting my goals.”

December 2019

“I am ready to achieve all my goals with clarity, alignment & ease.”

November 2019

“I am fiercely visible and I boldly shine my light.”

October 2019

“I have more than enough time, energy and focus to achieve all of my goals.”

September 2019

“I am enough. I always have been and I always will be.”

August 2019

“I am celebrating my progress as much as my achievements.”

July 2019

“I am already everything I am trying to become.”

June 2019

“I am stepping into my next level up.”

May 2019

“I am moving towards my goals with aligned action and ease.”

April 2019

“I am more than enough and everything I desire is flowing my way.”

March 2019

“I am confident leading with my authentic truth.”

February 2019

“She believed she could, so she did.”

January 2019

“I am laser focused and clear on my goals”

December 2018

“I Am Gracefully Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves Me”

November 2018

“I Am A Perfect Vibrational Match For My Dreams”

October 2018

“I Believe In My Ability To Make Shit Happen”

September 2018

“I Am Choosing To Accept The Challenges And Enjoy The Journey”

August 2018

“I’m Getting Ahead Because I’m Slaying In My Own Lane”

July 2018

“I Know Good Things Are Coming Because I’m Making Them Happen”

June 2018

“I Don’t Have What It Takes To Sit Back And Be Average”

I’m Not Afraid To Think Bigger

May 2018

“I’m Not Afraid To Think Bigger”